• Katyui

    A Minor Change

    September 13, 2014 by Katyui

    I made a change to the main page of the wikia. If you're unhappy with the changes I've made or would like to me to add/change something then feel free to notify me (Unless you want to make the change yourself). I still plan to put a few more changes in there, just not tonight. Please tell me if you disapprove of them, thank you.


    • Added slideshow.
    • Changed description, more descriptive, removed useless links. [Cleaned Up Description]

    Planned Changes:

    • Title At The Top Right.
    • Little navigation boxes that can lead you to a character article with one click.
    • Replacing the slideshow with a more efficent slider.

    Not many changes were done, but I am just updating that I have changed it in case anyone is displeased and wants a chance to tell me.

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