The creepy doll from an up close view.

The Creepy Doll is an item you get that Ines tells you must burn in the Lava pit in order to open the door to the Laboratory. She goes to any and all lengths to attempt to slow Aya's progress.


The doll's eyes have a seemingly-lost gaze. Furthermore, the doll has golden-brown hair, blue irises, and wears a sleeveless lavender dress, and takes on the appearance of a young maternal woman.


She is far more intimidating than she looks. She blocks Aya from entering the door behind her. When Ines appears and tells Aya to burn her, she attempts to convince her that Ines is lying.

Right before Aya throws her in the lava pit, she fakes being her mother - which Aya believed for a short while until throwing her into the Lava pit, allowing her to progress.

She is never seen nor mentioned again after that event.


  • The event where Aya throws the doll into the Incinerator could be a reference or homage to the Lord of The Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien, where the characters Sam and Frodo go on a journey to throw the cursed One Ring into the the volcanic Mt. Doom. This hasn't been confirmed or denied as of yet.
    • The doll repeats "You won't pass" when she is first interacted with. This could be a reference to Gandalf's iconic line, "You shall not pass!"