There are six nameless, non violent, characters that appear in Mad Father. Each of them has not only become a subject of the curse but also were victims of Alfred Drevis's dreadful experiments. Most are mandatory for progression though not much is known about them.



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  • He has tousled blonde hair which covers a small section of his face. Also sporting a bandage on his right eye.
  • Dio aids Aya Drevis when her father Alfred Drevis is threatening her. This results in her father being killed, in which he apologizes afterwards.
  • Dio is the protagonist in the "if" ending.
  • It was commonly speculated that Dio died while the Mansion was being burned down, however, this is debunked in "If", where Dio leaves the mansion. Dio converses with a doll and says that if Aya follows in her father's footsteps, he will attempt to stop her.
Dio Regular

Mourning Mother

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  • She has dirty brown hair which is parted in the middle. She appears to be wearing a nanny outfit consisting of a red faded dress, a bloody apron, and a dirty white head dress.
  • Clearly, she was one of the victims imprisoned in Aya's mansion.
  • Her signs of death was her bloodshot eyes and bloody face that appears to be from a wound on her forehead, which is possibly the way she met her end.
  • Due to Ines' identical traits, it was also rumored that she and Ines have some relationship going on. But it was not an enough reason since The Mourning Mother showed no sign of concern whatsoever.
  • When she initially spots Aya after she enters the room, the Mourning Mother will scream at Aya to give her child back. Frightened, Aya will run out of the room. To acquire a gem, Aya can bring Collina's pendant to the Mourning Mother, and Collina will proceed to walk into the room, reuniting the two.


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  • She has a striking yellow hair and fathomless black eyes. She was seen to be wearing nothing. Her real name is revealed to be Collina later on.
  • Her sign of death was the pale blue color of her skin and the tears, saliva and mucus. Some of the players assumed that she was poisoned or strangled to death, and a strong factor to her death was possibly the experimental medicine Alfred gave her.
  • Collina was the key to retrieving the gem by giving her necklace to The Mourning Mother who vanished after reuniting with her dead daughter.
Collina Regular

Headless Man

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  • A young man with matted blue hair and slanted cyan eyes.
  • He was also a key into retrieving one of the gems by leading him to his head.
  • Obviously, he died from being beheaded.

Eyeless Girl

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  • She appeared to be quite an attractive girl with shiny blond hair. In her first appearance, she had her eyes gouged out hindering the information about the color of her eyes.
  • When her eyes were returned, it appears to be a beautiful bluish silver in color.
  • It is unknown how she died, but it could be because the tool used to remove her eyes went through her brain, killing her.
Eyeless Girl

Hungry Boy

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  • Was seen with spiky brown hair and murky green eyes. Has a bruised complexion and a malnourished body.
  • One of the disturbing information of this one was the fact that he told Aya that even though the ham she fed him was delicious, his mother`s flesh was still tastier. Due to this sick statement, many assumed that he engaged in act of cannibalism either if it was forced or not. However, due to the phrasing of the sentence, he could've meant the ham tasted like how his mom made it. Vgperson, who translated Mad Father, admits that the statement was a translation error.
  • It is likely that he died due to malnourishment, and not by Alfred's hand.

Mute Subject

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  • She is first seen in the looping corridors, preventing Aya from going any further. After Aya attempts to take her out, she disappears and shows Aya what happened to her. Her corpse is found in the same corridor after that, no longer having it loop.
  • It is proven that she met her death by Alfred himself, being killed by chainsaw and having her arms severed from her corpse.

Story Involvement

All of the characters are met by default, and some are more important than others.

  • Both the Mourning Mother and the Lost Daughter are needed to acquire a Gem by returning the necklace to the mother.
  • The Headless Man is also needed to acquire a Gem by returning his body to his head.
  • The Eyeless Girl is a critical character and is needed for progression, by returning her eyes.
  • The Hungry Boy is also a critical character needed to progess, by feeding him fried ham.
  • The Armless Woman is a critical character needed to progress aswell, by taking her outside. She never speaks and might be a mute.