48px-Name.svg.png Conjecture
Old Man's name is purely conjecture, as no official name has been released. This name will be used until an official name is realeased.
Old Man
Old Man
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Allies Dio, Alfred Drevis(?)
Enemies Monika Drevis, Aya Drevis
Old Man is the title given to two unnamed characters in Mad Father.

First Old Man


The first is an emaciated looking figure who is sitting curled up in the basement in a room just past where Alfred Drevis's surgical room and the long hall of test tubes are. He is bald and appears to be naked.


The Old Man appears to be delirious or mentally broken. When spoken to, he doesn't acknowledge Aya, but mutters to himself. On the first playthrough, part of his dialogue is dotted out, but subsequent playthroughs, the entire dialogue can be read.

"Curse that youngster...Doing everything the woman says...And so deceived as to not realize her true nature...That woman's going to create a demon. She's even crazier than the doctor! Hmph, well, whatever...What should I care, I suppose?"

This Old Man does not provide a gem, it is not necessary to talk to him to progress, and he does not effect the gameplay in anyway. He exists purely for story purposes.

He also shares his anecdote to Dio about how he was taken into the Drevis family, and how he met his end at the hands of Alfred Drevis, as he explicitly states that if he hadn't put up resistance against the doctor's ways, he might not have been slain.

As he was bound to the bath tub, it is highly probable that he burned down with the mansion.

Second Old Man

The second Old Man has no dialogue and no portrait. He is found in the basement, pointing to the secret passage in a wall. After Aya walks through the secret entrance in the wall and gets the item she needs, a mutilated corpse can be found at the same spot this Old Man stood. This Old Man's sprite is fully clothed, seems to have a beard, and is wearing a hat, which is found bloody on the ground when Aya returns to the room. 

Both Old Men were probably Subjects of Alfred's experiments, but the first one seems to know a surprising amount about the Drevis family.