48px-Name.svg.png Conjecture
Mourning Mother's name is purely conjecture, as no official name has been released. This name will be used until an official name is realeased.

Mourning Mother
Age Unknown, possibly late 20's - early 30's
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Unnamed Boyfriend/Husband

Collina (daughter; deceased)

Allies Aya Drevis and Subjects

This is one of Alfred's test subjects Aya later rescues.

Her first appearance is in the Bedroom, screaming at Aya to give her daughter back. After returning to the Bedroom, a pool of blood stands in her place.


She appears to be a young woman, with shoulder-length wavy light brown hair, and dark blue eyes. She wears bloodstained and dirtied clothing consisting of a white apron with lace design atop and a reddish dress underneath. Her skin is pale, and her face has blood dripping from the eyes, nose, and head, some making its way down her neck. The whites being heavily bloodshot.


Lost Daughter Connection

The mourning mother and the lost daughter are mother-daughter. When you gain the pendant from the Lost Daughter and put it in the pool of blood left by the Mourning Mother, she will say this was her pendant. The Lost Daughter will then appear and run to the Mourning Mother and hug her.


  • It's not clear whether she was engaged, abandoned by her husband, a widow or if it was a single mother.
  • Many fans speculate that she was a former baker, this would make sense of the clothes, but there is no solid evidence.
    • She can be found in the nursery, which with the addition of her appearance, could suggest her previous occupation to be a nurse.