Monika Drevis
Monika B
Age Unknown, possibly late 20's - early 30's
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Alfred Drevis (husband; deceased)

Aya Drevis (daughter)
Ines (adoptive daughter; deceased)
Unnamed Father-In-Law (deceased)
Unnamed Mother-In-Law (deceased)
Unnamed Parents

Allies Subjects, Dio
Enemies Maria

Monika Drevis was the wife of Alfred Drevis, and the mother of Aya Drevis. During most of the game she is the main antagonist, having taken Aya's father. Until the end of the game, she is mainly viewed in flashbacks, and a few cutscenes. At the end of the game, Monika is found in the darkness having bested Maria, and in the process of taking Alfred with her to the afterlife. It is revealed that the reason she cursed him was because she wanted to protect Aya from her husband, Alfred, since he wants to turn her into a doll just to save her from being 'tainted' and saving her innocence.



Monika as a ghost.

Monika was a young woman, with long light brown hair, and light violet eyes. Throughout the game, she only seen wearing one outfit; a rather regal blue dress with white fabric to accentuate her chest. As a ghost, there is some blood covering her chest, yet, barely any blood anywhere else; possibly from the stab wound caused by her husband, resulting in her death.


Monika was a kindhearted woman; she was forgiving and had a tendency to overlook the mistakes of others, easily forgetting them. She overlooked the bad aspects of the ones she loved and tried to only see the good. She is mostly seen in flashbacks taking care of her only daughter, Aya. In death, however, her kind heart was transformed into a vengeful spirit hellbent on having her revenge, causing her to raise all of the tormented victims her husband had killed; this also allowed these spirits to enact their revenge.

She was extremely hurt and betrayed upon discovering that the love her life, Alfred, was in an affair with Maria, the family maid. She never confronted him on it, probably afraid of what her husband would do. Despite the betrayal and the horrible murders Alfred committed in the basement, she never stopped loving him. Her love, however, was never truly reciprocated by the man she loved. The last straw of their relationship was when she overheard Alfred's plan to turn Aya into a doll. Disgusted and distraught, Monika overcame her silent and forgiving attitude towards Alfred and threatened her husband that she would leave with their only daughter. It unfortunately led to her premature death, but even in death, she still loved him.

She took an apparent dislike of their maid, Maria, for having an affair with her husband. Though she never made a direct confrontation of the matter, she continually distances herself to the maid. Strangely, despite having the chance to kill the maid with her newfound powers, she never did, and this has stayed a mystery for months, and probably years.

In the events of the game, she took the facade of an obsessed spirit trying to drag her husband to the grave to be with her forever to keep Aya from knowing Alfred's true intentions. In reality, it was to save Aya from her own father who planned to turn her into a doll to save her from being 'dirtied' and also saving her innocence, wanting to be with her forever. Depending on what the ending the player chose, she managed to reveal her true intentions to Aya with the last of her strength. As a precautionary measure, she instructed some spirits to protect Aya and to hinder her journey. 

There's an odd characteristic of Monika in notes scattered in the game in the second playthrough which suggests that she isn't all innocent and benevolent as it seems. In one of the notes, she tried to give Aya rabbits to observe if their only daughter is truly becoming her father, much to her delight. In a more subtle note, before she died, she would always read dark themed books to Aya before going to sleep. Even Ogre noticed that the bookshelf in Aya's room is filled with "interesting" books. It is also possible that Monika was the one who gave Aya the chainsaw, as it was in a place that was out of Aya's reach and that meant Monika could reach it. The reason that she's testing her only daughter to see if she's like her father is because the madness thrills her. This can be seen in the letter she sends Alfred after they first met describing when he spared her it caused shivers and thrills.


"My heart is warmed to see my daughter grow up. I caught a rat yesterday and showed it to her, and she was so merry. I could have cried from delight. To think she enjoys it so. Perhaps she resembles her father in curiosity? I look forward to seeing her mature."


Why will you not reply? I understand you're busy…. But I just want the slightest reply….

Do you doubt me, perhaps? My feelings are real. I would never lie about them. I adore you. I love you. Perhaps you'll hate me for writing it, but when I see you gone mad, my heart flutters.

When we first met, you tried to kill me. Just as I was about to die, my heart was pounding. I had never experienced such thrills before…. I shiver even thinking back on it. But the feelings are not of fear. They are of love. Because that is the you I wanted….

But it is still a mystery to me. Why didn't you kill me? So I thought, perhaps I am someone special to you…. No.... Forgive my silly thoughts. I just want you to know my love is real.

Oh yes, I've included a map to my house with this letter. Please come, if you're so inclined. I'm sure you'll be surprised at my mansion. It used to be a base for religious groups, so they've left many interesting things here. I want to show them to you.

I'll always be waiting.

—Monika Drevis


Alfred Drevis

Alfred is Monika's husband, in the past, he tried to kill her, but for some undisclosed reason he did not - and this was never explained in the game or by the creator, Sen. It was at that point that she fell deeply in love with him claiming 'As I was about to die, my heart was pounding. I had never experienced such thrills before... I shiver even thinking back on it. But the feelings are not fear. They are of love.' In the letter the previous statements come from, she invited him to stay at her mansion using a letter, with a map in it. It is after that point that it can be assumed they got married. Alfred ended up killing her after she discovered his plans for Aya, and tried to defend Aya by taking her away with Monika.

Aya Drevis

Aya is Monika's daughter, just like her husband, she adored her little girl. At some point in Aya's childhood, Monika discovered that she was displaying some of her father's tendencies, and was greatly pleased by this. She went as far as to catch rats to give to her to see what she would do with them. She wanted to see Aya mature, the exact opposite of Alfred's desires.

Monika, upon discovering her husband's plans to turn their own daughter into a doll, calls her husband out on his insanity. She declares that she's leaving him and will take Aya with her. It was because of this dispute he killed her by stabbing her in the chest.


After she was aware of Maria's presence and the relationship between her and Alfred, is in contempt and for this they have bad relationships between them.


One of Alfred's subjects. Dio acts on Monika's wishes, and helps to protect Aya while she is traversing the mansion to save her father, but she never listens to him, wishing to save father.


Ogre was seemingly the one who gave Monika the power to unleash the curse on Alfred, her husband. Whether this is true or not is unknown. However he also appeared in the game Misao, besides of the game being created by the same person. In the game Misao, his name is Mr. Onigawara.


Not much is known about Monika's past, though it can be assumed she was born into a wealthy family, as the mansion belongs to her, being stated in a letter from Monika to Alfred. At some point in her past, she was nearly killed by Alfred, though he spared her resulting in her falling madly in love with him and inviting him to her mansion to stay. After he did so, Monika married Alfred, and nine months later, she gave birth their first and only daughter, Aya.

During Aya's childhood, Monika realizes that she is like her father, and wholeheartedly embraces it. It is possible Monika was the one that gave Aya the chainsaw to play with, since it was in a place Aya couldn't reach.

It is also shown in the game that from time to time, she has allergic reactions and has coughing fits.

Events of the Game

On the anniversary of her death, she returns to the mansion as a ghost, due to having placed a curse. Monika manages to drag Alfred to the darkness to be with her in the afterlife, only to be interrupted by Aya. Depending on the ending, she either succeeds in taking her husband away, or ends up failing in her attempts - and ends up turning into a doll in either the hands of Maria or Alfred. In the True Ending, she fails to take him away. Though, Aya is still unaware of her father's plans to turn her into a doll. So, using the last of her strength, Monika warns her daughter through the use of a vision.