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Arrow Keys - Move

Z or Space - Interact

X - Open Inventory

Shift or C - Equip/Unqeuip Chainsaw (once found)


After the intro, go back into your room and get Snowball.  If you haven't already, check the middle bookshelf to find a Gem (1/21).

Leave the room and go inside the Nursery.  Walk towards the girl, then run out.  Run back in and you'll get the Archives Key.

Leave the room and go to the Entrance Hall.  Avoid the zombies and get the Gem (2/21) near the door, but make sure you don't get cornered by them, or else Aya will die.  

After getting the gem, go to 1F West Hall.  

Go into the Reception Room.  Move the chair towards the drawer, and press Z.  Press Z again and you'll get a Knife.  

Leave.  Go to '1F Bathroom.  Go stand by the neglected cardboard box and press Z.  Select the K'nife.  After the screen fades back, you'll get the empty lighter