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In the game Misao, Novella, also known as Miss Library, or Library, is a mysterious girl that features in the game. She is Ogre's Assistant, who, at the time, was named Onigawara. It is popular speculation that she is in fact Aya's clone from the end of Mad Father, but, although there is a wide varity of evidence to argue that this is correct, it is unknown whether it is true or not. It is purely for the player to believe whether this is true or false.


People speculate that she is Aya's alternate dimentional clone from Mad Father and it is possible to believe that. If this is true, it would be most likely that Ogre/Onigawara couldn't wait for Aya's clone's birthday and that he released her from containment early.


Library is characteristically known for her thick, round glasses that obscure much of her face and even her eyes, which we find are blue later on. She also keeps her black hair in a short braid and wears her uniform formally, with a pink vest and a red ribbon.

Tumblr mh2u29ePJL1s0oqpfo1 1280

Library taking to Aki in the game Misao.

Yet again, although she bares a resemblence to Aya, and that it is highly possible that she is indeed Aya's alternate dimentional clone, it is yet to be confirmed by the author of both games. So this theory is purely for the player to believe whether this is true or false.

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