Ines Regular
Age 11 years old
Gender Female
Species Human
Family *Parents (Deceased)
  • Alfred Drevis (Adoptive Father: Deceased)
  • Monika Drevis (Adoptive Mother: Deceased)
  • Maria (Adoptive StepMother)
  • Aya Drevis (Adoptive Younger Sister)
  • Unnamed Adoptive Paternal Grandmother (Deceased)
  • Unnamed Adoptive Maternal Grandparents (Deceased)
Allies Aya Drevis, Subjects
Enemies Alfred Drevis

Ines is one of Alfred Drevis's test subjects. She always approaches Aya with a strange and unsettling smile.


Ines is a little girl, with short light brown hair, dark green eyes, and pale skin. She wears a white sleeveless dress.


She is a cheerful and playful little girl. She seems to love animals, since she was testing Monika's perfume to make sure that the animals would like the scent but ended up failing. She often giggles. Ines displayed a desire to join Aya's family; however, she is killed by the dolls in the incinerator room since she helps Aya burn the Creepy Doll. When Aya finds her dead, she mutters with a wistful smile, "I only wanted to be a part of your family."


It is revealed in the paid Steam version of Mad Father, that Ines lived on the streets as a orphan thief, until Dr. Drevis found and brought her to his home. When there, he claimed Ines would be a part of his family and that Aya, who was only a baby girl at the time, would be her little sister. While Ines held Aya, she was shown to be happy that she would be Aya's older sister. However, when Ines was sitting in Dr. Drevis' laboratory, the room goes dark and the sound of a chainsaw can be heard.

Ines first appears as the one standing behind Aya after the lamp goes out by the storeroom. The second time she appears, she is holding Aya's mother's perfume, and later tries to use it to lure some of the rats closer, but fails. The third time, Ines tells Aya how to break the barrier around the door. This information is what causes the dolls to rally against her and stab her repeatedly with scalpels in the incinerator room. She also has some resemblances to the test subject in Monika's bedroom (first entry), but nobody knows if they have a kinship or not.

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