48px-Name.svg.png Conjecture
Hungry Boy's name is purely conjecture, as no official name has been released. This name will be used until an official name is realeased.

Hungry Boy
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Allies Aya Drevis, Subjects
Enemies Maria, Alfred Drevis

This is one of Alfred's test subjects Aya eventually rescues.


He's seen with spiky auburn hair and murky green eyes, and has no upper body wear except a small torn blue vest. Has a bruised complexion and a malnourished body.


Not much is known about him, except that he was never given food since the other subjects took most of the food. He mentioned that he was considered a nuisance to others when he conversed with Aya while eating. He enjoys the meal of fried ham, and comments on how it tastes like his mother's own cooking (but it could be interpreted as tasting like his mother's own flesh).

Before disappearing, he gives her a napkin out of gratitude, which will be needed later on in the game.