48px-Name.svg.png Conjecture
Headless Man's name is purely conjecture, as no official name has been released. This name will be used until an official name is realeased.
Headless Man
Headless Man B
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Allies Aya Drevis, Subjects

Headless Man is one of Alfred's test subjects that Aya later rescues.


He has slick blue hair, pale blue eyes, and when his head gets attached, it's put on sideways. There's a deep cut on his neck to resemble where he was beheaded. He is not clothed. He has a slim body, pale skin, no eyebrows, and a blank expression. In Version 2.0.2, his design was updated with his chest elevated, somewhat spiked hair, and a more detailed face, looking older and more tired.


After he finds his head, he will grants the player a gem. Since he appears only briefly in the game, nothing much is known about him other than that he was one of Alfred's test subjects.