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Gems are items collected throughout Mad Father. Collecting them all unlocks a special scene after the credits. There are 21 gems hidden in the game.

Gem Locations

  1. Located in the nursery, check the second bookshelf.
  2. Located in the main hall, the very front.
  3. Go into the archives and look at the far left bookshelf. After reading the page, a little lost girl  will appear. After the cutscene, leave the room and then walk back in. Pick up her necklace and return to the bedroom. Use the necklace at the window to trigger another cutscene.
  4. In the cafeteria. Move the curtain, walk a few steps away, and the corpse will fall to reveal a gem.
  5. In a box in the attic.
  6. Open the very first cabinet in the right of the kitchen.
  7. In the west wing of the mansion. Walk into the wall where the vertical rug ends.
  8. Located in the well in the courtyard behind the painting in the reception room
  9. Also in the west hall, go to the very top and enter the doll room.
  10. Lead the body back to the head in the corpse room.
  11. Move the vase in the open room.
  12. In the cultivation room after the laboratory.
  13. The BF1 passageway behind the ghost on the ground in the centre barrel.
  14. Give the girl her eyes by dropping the eye jar through the fireplace hole.
  15. The BF2 hallway inside a barrel on the bottom left hand corner of the room.
  16. Go through the hidden passage in the jail. Be careful of the dolls!
  17. Reach the end of the tunnels and retrieve the key. Then return back to the jail and open the man's cage to get the gem.
  18. Go to the wall where the man is pointing to find a hidden passage. Enter the BF2 lab and go through the door in the left. Go up the stairs and cut the beast down with your chainsaw.
  19. Hidden in the tunnels (not the jail ones). Again, watch out for the dolls.
  20. Get a bone from a skeleton in the second doll-patrol cave and give it to the stuffed dog in the private room.
  21. Get the gem from the pot in the room with the mandrakes.


Mad Father - How to Get 21 Gems

Mad Father - How to Get 21 Gems

A video walkthrough by Abede21