48px-Name.svg.png Conjecture
Eyeless Little Girl's name is purely conjecture, as no official name has been released. This name will be used until an official name is realeased.
Eyeless Little Girl
Eyeless Girl
Age Possibly 11 years old
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Allies Aya Drevis, Snowball and Subjects
Enemies Alfred Drevis


She was a little girl, with long blonde hair, tied in two braids, and blue eyes, she was probably the same age as Aya. She wears a white polo shirt with a blue collar and a red buttoned Tie-like object. Aya finds her eyeballs and she somehow pops them back in (that implies that she is a ghost), then she rewards you with a gem, only to fade away.

Some people say her appearance resembles Viola, the protagonist from The Witch's House. While it has been speculated that they are the same sprite, no confirmation has been given. It should be noted that the Eyeless Little Girl has blue eyes, while Viola has green eyes.


Since she has a very little role in the game, there's not much about her personality or her backstory. She is very thankful that Aya found her eyes, as she rewards you with a gem. She is in a locked door (locked from the inside). After she is recovered, she drifts away, never to be seen again. It is unknown whether the little girl escaped the burning mansion or not.


  • The Eyeless Little Girl strongly resembles the protagonist from The Witch's House. Some fans speculate that Viola is an edited version of the Eyeless Girl, though no confirmation has been given, this is shown by the different outfits and eyes that they have.