Diaries plays a major role in the game. It can inform the player what the characters true intentions and feelings are. They can also tell a story of the past as well.

Diary Entries

Alfred Drevis

First Entry

"I was born. I slept cuddling up against my mother."

Second Entry

"I killed an animal for fun. Then I got addicted. There's always dead cats and birds in my room. Mother gets mad when she finds them. Whenever mother is out, I hide the corpses in the dresser."

Third Entry

"Mother found out I was killing animals. Mother scolded me. Shut up. I stabbed mother with a knife. Mother fell over, all red. It didn't suit such a pretty face. So I wiped mother's face. Her dead face was very pretty.'"

Fourth Entry

"I killed mother. I was scared and ran away. Far, far away toward the ocean…. I wanted to forget everything. But I couldn't forget mother's pretty dead face. I killed another. I eventually got addicted to seeing people's dead faces.'"

Fifth Entry

"I found a dead cat in her drawers. Hiding it in a dresser… exactly as I used to. She's sure to follow my same path. She seems to hope for that as well. But I cannot let that happen. If her wish came true, then my treasure…. She would be dirtied. Yes, there's no other way than this. I'm sure she won't accept it. But I've already decided. So she won't make the same mistakes as I…."

Sixth Entry

"Humans are beautiful. But that beauty soon fades. That is the law of this world. But I have overturned it. After years of research, I have found "eternal beauty." A body that will never fade even in death. A body as fresh as when they were still alive. They have eternal beauty within their grasp.'"

Seventh Entry

"Just like my old self…. Killing solely out of interest. Then it must run in the family…."


First Entry

"Doctor, it has been 2 years since the day since I came to this mansion. I will never forget that day…."

Second Entry

"Yesterday, I encountered a young boy. He was very lovely, even more so than the mistress. But the moment he saw me, he ran off crying. Is my face indeed so frightening…? The mistress always seems scared of me as well. I suppose it's the eyes…. Well, I'm sure it's that the mistress dislikes me. It cannot be helped… I did take away the doctor…. Surely, I could soon replace her mother."