Collina B
Age 7 years old
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Unnamed Father
Mourning Mother (mother; deceased)
Allies Subjects, Mourning Mother, Aya Drevis and Monika Drevis
Enemies Alfred Drevis and Maria

Collina is one of Alfred's test subjects, whom Aya Drevis later rescues. She shows Aya her death by lethal injection at the hands of Alfred.


She is encountered in the Archives of F1. She then "possesses" Aya after getting the Memo Note in the book about preservation, letting her see the memories of her final moments and disappearing afterwards. She leaves her pendant after which can be returned to her mother.


Collina was a little girl, with short blonde hair (light brown in the new version), grey eyes, and pale skin, and it can be seen that her tears and saliva is dripping from her face. Her sprite suggests that she was naked. After Aya is transported back from the Other World, you can view Collina's head on a doll. She is the lone doll on the far left, wearing a pink and red dress. This was not confirmed to be this character, but Aya says she looks familiar in the game when she views the doll. In Mad Father Version 2.0.2, her portrait is that of a child with arms outstretched towards the screen, with white eyes lacking of pupils and a gaping mouth.


There are many fanmade theories on how she died under the hands of Alfred and Maria. Here are some speculations:


Some fans believe due to her condition, she was choked/strangled to death. It can be assumed that this caused her to be pale. 


When she was held captive by Alfred, he injected into her a substance which he called as "medicine". Some fans believe she was poisoned, due to the mucus/saliva and blue skin tone.