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The Archives is a room you can find in mad father, to get to the Archives you must experience the mourning mother found in the bed room, then re-enter the room and pick up the Archives key found on the floor, there are two important books that can be found in the Archives. "the flame egg" and "data on live experimentation", "the flame egg" is to give Aya the idea to burn the monster in the hallway to the basement, and "data on live experimentation" contains the clue to opening the safe in the bedroom. After reading "data on live experimentation" Aya will encounter Collina and will experience collina's death
  • the Archives is connected to maria's room
  • if you re-enter the archives you will find Collina's pendant on the ground witch can be placed in the pool of blood the Mourning Mother re- united with her daughter and will grant Aya a gem